Transitions LensesHere at Buckeyecare Optometrists, we specialize in transitions lenses. We are proud to assist patients in Northfield Center, OH and the surrounding communities.

Transitions lenses are also known as photochromic lenses. These darken on exposure to specific types of light, typically ultraviolet radiation. When there is sunlight, the lenses then change to their clear state.

Transition lenses will typically last the entire life of your glasses. They may acquire a yellowish tint to them after about three years but will still work well. These lenses are available in most materials and designs. Some of these include high-index lenses, bifocals, and progressive lenses.

UV and UVB sunlight can be harmful to your eyes. These glasses make the transition from outside to inside much easier on your eyes and you because you will not have to purchase sunglasses or find some that will fit over your regular lenses.

We pride ourselves on helping each patient find the perfect pair of transitions lenses. We enjoy helping others feel confident about their vision and see clearly. If you ever have any questions at any time, we are always happy to assist you.

If you have any additional questions regarding transitions lenses, contact us today at (330) 468-0585.